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Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World Walkthrough

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Summary: Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World - Can you help Diamon Jones save the world?......
Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World Walkthrough
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1. General Tips & Information
2. Cairo, Part One
3. The Pyramids
4. Cairo, Part Two
5. Tibetan Village & Mountains
6. Temple Ruins & Jungle
7. Temple Mazes

Temple Mazes

  • The temple maze is five rooms by five rooms. Scattered throughout are 10 pieces of gold and four map pieces. Once you have collected all four map pieces, you can look at the assembled map to see your location within the maze, marked by a red dot.
Amulet of the World

  • To exit the maze, go to the upper right room.

  • Look at the mosaic.

  • Use a piece of gold on the mosaic to open a mini-game.

  • Reassemble the gold dragon statuette by sliding the pieces. Your last move can be canceled with the button at the bottom.
Amulet of the World

  • The next room has an unusual floor. If you step on it, you will plummet into the depths below!

  • Talk to Mary until she runs out of new information

  • Take the gold bowl and use it on the snakes sculpture.

  • One of the floor tiles is highlighted. Step on that tile and others will light, but there is only one correct answer. After Daimon is across, Mary will follow.
Amulet of the World

  • Oh no, it's that Samuel Johnson again! He has captured Diamon and Mary and hung them upside down in a well.

  • Talk to Mary and the screen inverts.

  • Look at the bough on the left.

  • Try the belt on the bough, but find out itís not long enough.

  • Ask Mary for her belt.

  • Combine the belts and use them on the bough.

  • Look at the rat on the beam.

  • Use the meat on Diamon's knotted rope. The rat chews through the rope and Diamon climbs down the well.
Amulet of the World

  • Click on the bag and Diamon hops to it with his feet still tied.

  • Use the razor on the ankle ropes.

  • Pick up the dry stick, dry log, and rotten wood.

  • Combine the dry stick and dry log.

  • Add the rotten wood.

  • Use the fire starter on the fireplace to get some light.
Amulet of the World

  • Look at the wall to reveal a mini-game.

  • In this memory match game, match all the pairs until all the symbols are showing. The walls will break away. Pull the lever to the right of the entrance to lower Mary. Use the razor to cut the rope around her ankles.
  • Examine the large hole in the wall, and then take the torch and use it with the fire.

  • Enter the dark crevice and discover another maze.
Amulet of the World

  • Walk straight along the bottom edge until there is a short wall blocking you.

  • Walk up and to the right a bit to find the skeleton.

  • Take the golden snake.

  • Retrace your steps to the bottom area and work your way to the upper left to reach the exit door.

  • Enter the treasure room.

  • Look at the skeleton.

  • Take the adventurerís bag.

  • Inside is the journal of Johan Forster.

  • Use ESC to exit the journal. He has figured out the secret of the clock lock. "The gates will open with the first morning hour."

  • Take the bird hour hand from in front of the gray chest. Diamon takes a few coins, just in case.

  • Attach the bird hour hand and the snake minute hand to the clock.

  • Prime, or the First Hour, is prayer time and is said at the first hour of daylight, usually 6 am. Click on the face of the clock and use the arrow buttons to set it to six.

  • Push the open button and the door opens.
Amulet of the World

  • The bridge has been blown up. Reach the opposite side by jumping on sturdy stones.

  • After reaching the other side, use the razor to cut their ropes. The monks give you part of a sacred scroll.

  • Exit the lava cave.
Amulet of the World

  • Look at the Border to the World. Andy Rain is standing guard.

  • Take the small chest.

  • Toss some coins at Andy.

  • When Andy bends down to collect the coins, smash his head with the small chest.

  • Take Andy's gun and enter the Border to the World.
Amulet of the World

  • Samuel Johnson plans to rule the world. You must stop him before the ritual is complete.

  • Dodge the blue fire balls.

  • When they get trapped in the vases, shoot them.

  • After all the vases are gone, start shooting at Samuel Johnson.

  • After he dies, the giant spirits appear and revive Diamon. They tell him they must destroy this gate to protect the world.
Amulet of the World

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World!

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1. General Tips & Information
2. Cairo, Part One
3. The Pyramids
4. Cairo, Part Two
5. Tibetan Village & Mountains
6. Temple Ruins & Jungle
7. Temple Mazes
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